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Node.js Question

How to enable all node.js harmony "in progress" features?

node --v8-options | grep harmony
--es_staging (enable all completed harmony features)
--harmony (enable all completed harmony features)
--harmony_shipping (enable all shipped harmony fetaures)
--harmony_modules (enable "harmony modules" (in progress))
--harmony_regexps (enable "harmony regular expression extensions" (in progress))
--harmony_proxies (enable "harmony proxies" (in progress))
--harmony_sloppy_function (enable "harmony sloppy function block scoping" (in progress))
--harmony_sloppy_let (enable "harmony let in sloppy mode" (in progress))
--harmony_unicode_regexps (enable "harmony unicode regexps" (in progress))
--harmony_reflect (enable "harmony Reflect API" (in progress))
--harmony_destructuring (enable "harmony destructuring" (in progress))
--harmony_default_parameters (enable "harmony default parameters" (in progress))
--harmony_sharedarraybuffer (enable "harmony sharedarraybuffer" (in progress))
--harmony_atomics (enable "harmony atomics" (in progress))
--harmony_simd (enable "harmony simd" (in progress))
--harmony_array_includes (enable "harmony Array.prototype.includes")
--harmony_tostring (enable "harmony toString")
--harmony_concat_spreadable (enable "harmony isConcatSpreadable")
--harmony_rest_parameters (enable "harmony rest parameters")
--harmony_sloppy (enable "harmony features in sloppy mode")
--harmony_arrow_functions (enable "harmony arrow functions")
--harmony_new_target (enable "harmony")
--harmony_object_observe (enable "harmony Object.observe")
--harmony_spreadcalls (enable "harmony spread-calls")
--harmony_spread_arrays (enable "harmony spread in array literals")
--harmony_object (enable "harmony Object methods")

comes with a lot of features that are disabled by default (either because they are still in development or are in staging). The
flag enables all completed features.

How to enable all "in progress" features?

Answer Source

You could have a look at what flags are currently "in progress" with

node --v8-options | grep "in progress"

The output as of this post looks like

--harmony_modules (enable "harmony modules" (in progress))
--harmony_array_includes (enable "harmony Array.prototype.includes" (in progress))
// ...
// (I've removed the other lines, which look like the above)

So you could easily parse it to suit your needs.

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