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PHP call non-existing, undefined methods/functions

I have seen that there are some dynamic methods we can use in PHP frameworks that I guess which are actually does not exist, specially in frameworks like Laravel and Magento.



What I want to do is call
method without actually defining it. Then capture the
part to filter results, so there might be lot of function calls such as
, etc. Is it possible?

PS: Please note that I'm not looking for Magento or Laravel solution, those are mentioned for easy comprehension of the question. I want general solution that can be implemented with any PHP solution.

Answer Source

PHP has some Magic Methods that you can use to have dynamic methods.
In particular __call and __callStatic.

Eg from the documentation:

class MethodTest
    public function __call($name, $arguments)
        // Note: value of $name is case sensitive.
        echo "Calling object method '$name' "
             . implode(', ', $arguments). "\n";

    /**  As of PHP 5.3.0  */
    public static function __callStatic($name, $arguments)
        // Note: value of $name is case sensitive.
        echo "Calling static method '$name' "
             . implode(', ', $arguments). "\n";

$obj = new MethodTest;
$obj->runTest('in object context');

MethodTest::runTest('in static context');  // As of PHP 5.3.0

// Calling object method 'runTest' in object context
// Calling static method 'runTest' in static context

Please consider you still have to generate an algorithm to handle all the cases.

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