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Recoding Likert Scales within dataframe -recommendations for learning R for research methodology?

Just recently began my journey in R and finally getting the hang of things. I have a very simple question yet I'm unable to find the answer I'm looking for.

I have a dataset of survey responses that were collected using a Likert type scale. Some of the range from very strongly disagree to the opposite (1-7) while others are 1-5. I'm looking for a simple way of recoding each column within the dataset, preferably using the dplyr package as I'm trying to master it. So far, I have this:

df is my dataframe which contains columns Q2.1_1: Q2.5_1. I need the new recoded columns to be numeric as they are currently factors (I want to later run descriptives).

The problem with this line is that it creates a vector that recodes it, but not within my df dataframe. I'm not sure if I should be appending this to df or if there's a better way to just edit within df itself.


as.numeric(recode(df$Q2.1_1, "Very slightly or not at all"=1, .... etc))

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I think you're looking for something like the following:

mydata <- data.frame(x = c("A lot", "Some", "Not at all"))

mydata <- mutate(mydata, x_recoded = recode(x, "A lot" = 1, "Some" = 2, "Not at all" = 3))


           x x_recoded
1      A lot         1
2       Some         2
3 Not at all         3

This code is:

  1. Creating the sample data
  2. Using dplyr's mutate() function to create a new variable x_recoded
  3. Assigning the mutated data frame mydata back to itself so it now has x_recoded in it

recode infers that the variable is numeric since numbers are on the right-hand-side in the recodes, so you don't need to use as.numeric.

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