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R Question

Additional non-negativity constraints in nleqslv

I want to solve a system of non-linear equations

x1 = f(x1, x2)
x2 = g(x1, x2)

subject to
x1 >= 0
x2 >= 0

Using nleqslv, I set up the return vector of my function to be optimized as follows:

y[1] = x[1] - f(x[1], x[2])
y[2] = x[2] - g(x[1], x[2])
y[3] = -x[1]
y[4] = -x[2]

where the last two should reflect the non-negativy constraints.

Calling nleqslv yields:

"Jacobian is singular (1/condition=0.0e+000) (see allowSingular option)"

and calling with allowSingular = T yields:

"x-values within tolerance 'xtol'"

which makes sense, since y[4] doesn't change as x[4] is changed (by construction, doesn't respond to it at all).

How can I do this correctly?

Answer Source

Try this

f <- function(z) {
    x <- z^2  # this will force x to be >= 0; other tranformations are   possible
    y <- numeric(2)
    y[1] <- x[1] - f(x[1], x[2])
    y[2] <- x[2] - g(x[1], x[2])

and then use nleqslv to solve function f with appropriate starting values for the transformed variables. So if your starting values are now in xstart use

zstart <- sqrt(xstart)

for the transformed problem. And to get the result of solving in the correct units just use ^2 on the result given by nleqslv.

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