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HTML Question

Canvas Rotating object about dynamic points

I have a rounded rectangle at a specific x, y, w, h on a canvas. I first do a context.translate to get the object where I want it, then when it comes to rotating it, this is where I'm having issues working out the math needed.

I can do a simple context.rotate(Math.PI/180 * 25) to rotate it 25degs but it rotates from the x,y. I really want to shift the rotating point to like x + (w/2) and y + (w/2).

I'm not sure how to tell the rotate method to rotate it around a different point. I think I have to rotate it like normal but recalculate x,y perhaps based on the rotation maybe?


The canvas always rotates about the origin (0,0). The ctx.translate command can be thought of as shifting the origin, so you must translate by (x+w/2, y+h/2) before you rotate if you wish to rotate about the center of the rectangle.

(and of course, translate back after, or use save and restore)