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How to setup Android Studio to work completely offline?

I have very slow bandwidth, so I'm trying to keep all the required files on local machine to set the Android studio completely offline. When I click on create

New Project
it always tries to download a file named gradle-1.6-bin.zip which I downloaded and tried to install locally via plugin manager but it gives me an error:

fail to load plugin descriptor from file gradle-1.6-bin.zip

So what other files do I need to download and how do I install them properly to work offline with Android Studio.

Answer Source

Ok guys finally I overcome to this problem here is the solution.

1: Download the gradle-1.6-bin.zip for offline use.

2: Now paste it in the C:\Users\username\.gradle directory.

3: Open the AndroidStudio and click on the Create New Project option and you will not get this error any more while offline. But you can get another error like me or some other erro like this...

enter image description here

Don't worry just ignore it. Your new project with your Specified name has been created. So now click on the Import Project and go to the path


and open your project and you are done.

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