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How to make only the clicked cell editable instead of all the editable cells in the row clicked - using jqgrid?

At present I'm getting all the cells (with editable:true) in the row editable in which i clicked and not only the clicked the cell. The table is similar to the table in this link: I've gone through the link:, but didn't help (may be due to my fault in the way i tried) and also tried the answers given in stackoverflow related questions (used the attributes: cellEdit: true, cellsubmit: "clientArray").

Please help me using the above link as reference (I think mainly the "onSelectRow", "ondblClickRow" functions need to be updated. i tried onSelectCell etc. but failed! ).

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

If you need to use cell editing you have to include cellEdit: true in jqGrid definition. If you use local datatype then you should use cellsubmit: "clientArray" additionally. If you want to save data on the remote source you have to implement editing in your server code and specify cellurl option of jqGrid. The documentation describes what jqGrid send to the server on saving of cell.

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