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Resolving Promises asyncronously

I have 2 different loops that perform POST and DELETE operations respectively.
Once, the all the operations are complete, I want to make another service request.

my issue is :
In case of error on delete operation, the control goes to the catch block and a dialog confirmation is needed to decide if the item still needs to be deleted.

If a confirmation comes from the dialog, I want to make a permanent delete to the id and which is happening. But Somehow refresh is invoked earlier than I want. I miss something fundamental here.
Please help...

function submitAndRefresh(){
var deletePromisesTasks = [];
var addPromisesTasks = [];

angular.forEach(toBeDeleted, function(value,key){

angular.forEach(toBeAdded, function(value,key){

//To be performed after all the add/delete operations are completely done!
refreshData(); //Another Service Call

function delete(id, purge_flag) {
var defer = $q.defer();
deleteOrPurge(id, purge_flag).then((promise1) => {
}).catch(function(error) {
confirmAndDeleteContractParameters(error, delete, id, true);
return defer.promise;

function deleteOrPurge(id, purge_flag){
return Service.items().delete({
id: id,
purge_flag: purge_flag || false

function confirmAndDelete(error, callback, parameterId, purge_flag) {
var confirmModal = {
header: 'Confirm',
showCancelButton: true
try {
confirmModal.body = 'Some msg. Do you want to continue?';
} catch (e) {}
ModalService.confirmDialog($scope, confirmModal, function(confirm){
if (confirm) {
callback(parameterId, purge_flag);

Answer Source

As a basic rule, when you have a function started with var defer = $q.defer();, the last line of the function should usually be return defer.promise

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