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Node.js Question

ack|grep|whatnot special ignore folders pattern node_modules/dir/node_modules

I have recently discovered ack and

ack -ir --ignore-dir={node_modules,dist,.git} <search-term>
works great for most things but this


I would like to search all files under the "root" node_modules and excluding all internal ones.

Note: if I run
find . -type f | ack -v 'node_modules|.git|dist'
under the root node_modules folder, I get a proper file list. this happen because
find .
gives out relative paths. Any way to feed this list to ack ?

Answer Source
ack -i <search-term> ./node_modules/*

should do what you want. If you want to include hidden files and folders too, set shopt -s dotglob (assumes Bash) first.

Background information:

ack has many rules for ignoring files that you don't typically want to search built in.

As of at least version 2.14, this includes directories named .git and node_modules, at whatever level of the hierarchy (ack searches recursively by default, though you may add -r / -R / --recursive to make that explicit).
To see the complete list of directories / files that are ignored by default, run ack --dump.

By using globbing (pathname expansion) to let the shell expand pattern ./node_modules/* to a list of actual items inside ./node_modules, the ignore rule for node_modules is bypassed for those explicitly passed items.

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