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Scripts not working on partial view after Ajax call

I have called scripts on _Layout.cshtml page and my Index.cshtml page has partial view into it. So on page load, SignalR scripts working perfect on partial view, on page end I make another ajax request and load the partial view with another data filled in that and embed under already displayed data, and then the SignalR does not work on the newly embedded record.

This is my index page code:

<div class="col-md-6">
<div class="profile-body">
<div class="row infinite-scroll">
@Html.Partial("_AlbumRow", Model)

This is my partial View Code:

@model IEnumerable<SmartKids.Lib.Core.ViewModels.FileMediaAlbumsVM>
@foreach (var item in Model)
<div class="widget">
<div class="block rounded">
<img src="@Url.Content(item.ImageUrl)" alt="@item.Title">
<input type="button" data-image-id="@item.imageId" class="btn btn-sm btn-default">Like</input>

Kindly help me how to resolve this issue that after making an ajax request I am not able to get those SignalR working. Here is more to say when I put the SignalR scripts on PartialView that works but it also sucks that on each ajax request there is again SignalR loaded on the page and when I click on LIke button it makes many calls to the function behind it.
Kindly help me to resolve this issue, I am stuck at this point since 1 week.

Here is signalR Code:

$(".btn.btn-sm.btn-default").on("click", function () {
var imageId = $(this).attr("data-image-id");;

Answer Source

Problem: You are binding event to elements directly, So when you remove this element and replace it with a different one the events are also removed along with that elements, This is something like strongly coupled.

Solution: Use Jquery event delegation. This will make sure the events will be triggered to the current elements and also all the elements that can come in future.

syntax is as below.

$(document).on("click", ".btn.btn-sm.btn-default",function () {
    var imageId = $(this).attr("data-image-id");;

NOTE: This was never a singlaR issue, it was Jquery issue.

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