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No-op deallocator for boost::shared_ptr

Is there a stock no-op deallocator in Boost to use with

for static objects, etc.

I know it's ultra-trivial to write, but I don't want to sprinkle my code with extra tiny functions if there is already one available.

Answer Source

Yes there is one here:

#include <boost/serialization/shared_ptr.hpp> // for null_deleter

class Foo
  int x;

Foo foo;
boost::shared_ptr< Foo > sharedfoo( &foo, boost::serialization::null_deleter() );

There is, of course, a danger with the fact that you need to know the function you call doesn't store the shared_ptr for later use, as it actually goes against the policy of shared_ptr in that the underlying object remains valid until that of the last instance of the shared_ptr.

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