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Extract string part in Javascript / Jquery

I'm using cocoon gem to add dynamic nested forms for the working hours.

The Cocoon returns an open_time and close_time input.

id = merchant_working_hours_attributes_ID_open_time
id = merchant_working_hours_attributes_ID_close_time

At the css the close_time input is defined as display:none and my idea is just display if the open_time input is marked not nil.

But for that I need extract the ID from the open_time input and add a css style to the close_time input according that ID.

How can achieve that with javascript / Jquery? Any other form to achieve that?

Answer Source

Your question says that you've a string and you wanna extract the ID of respective element to perform style.

Use split()

var string = merchant_working_hours_attributes_ID_open_time;

var parts = string.split("_"); //You will have the ID at 4th parts[4]

Based on the extracted ID, you can use show() and hide().


if($('#opentimeID').val() != '')

Use substring()

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