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PHP Laravel Database: Get all entries from one table + more

My problem is a bit abstract, so I can't really explain.

I have a few tables: table 1 is called

and the other tables are categories like Dell, HP, Acer etc.

In table 1 are videos which have auto_increment primary ID's
Video number 1 is from Dell, number 2 is HP, number 3 is Dell again and 4 is Acer.
Number 1 is also in table Dell as id 1, number 2 is in table HP as id 2, number 3 is in table Dell with id 3, and 4 is in acer as id 4.

public function showCategory($cat) {
switch ($cat) {
case 'dell':
$dell = DB::table('dell')->get();
$videoid = '';

foreach ($dell as $video) {
$videoid .= $video->videoid.',';

echo $videoid; // this is an echo (test)

$videos = DB::table('videos')
->where('id', $videoid)
->orderBy('id', 'DESC')

# code...

return view('index')->with(array('videos' => $videos));

At this point, the echo $videoid; will show me all id's like:


(i have many entrys)

The problem is, that on the index page it only shows number 1. Has anyone an idea?

Answer Source

Use whereIn for multiple ids and explode method to make array of ids

        echo $videoid; // this is an echo (test)
        $videoArray = explode("," , $videoid);
        $videos = DB::table('videos')->whereIn('id', $videoArray)->orderBy('id', 'DESC')->paginate(25);

Update :

You can also use simple join

    $videos = DB::table('videos as v')
            ->join('dell as d','d.videoid','=','')
            ->orderBy('', 'DESC')

Remove all other code inside case dell

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