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How can I load into a different view in a popover?

I have some code that opens a popover window that displays some text. This is done by an action segue rather than actual code in a storyboard. Is there any way, that I can load into a different view by pressing a button on the popover view and have it load into the next view? I've tried using another action segue, but it puts a popover into my current popover over the button that I press. Thanks!

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This kind of thing can't be done with just storyboards; some code will be necessary.
Here's how I would do this: instead of trying to use two separate popovers, use one popover with kind of a "nested" setup. The popover's content view controller would contain, say, a Page1ViewController and a Page2ViewController. When first displayed, the main controller would install page 1's view. You could maybe wire the action from page 1's button directly to the main controller, but I recommend that you use delegation for this. Create a protocol that's something like Page1ViewControllerDelegate and adopt the protocol in your main controller, then in the delegate method for page1ControllerRequestTransition(_:) or whatever you choose, just grab the page 1 view out and swap the page 2 view in. You can even have the two views be different sizes; the popover will automatically adjust itself.

Oh, and don't forget to disable translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints and add appropriate constraints to fix the four sides of each page's view.

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