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JSON Question

Why json_decode doesn't work for me?

I'm a little confused here. if I pass a variable to json_decode, it doesn't work:

$stringJSON = $_GET['jsonstring'];
echo $stringJSON;
$stringObject = json_decode($stringJSON);

The first echo correctly shows me the JSON string I passed, e.g.


The second echo shows NULL.
So I grab the string from the first echo and write the following code:

$stringObject = json_decode("{\"Items\":[{\"Name\":\"name\",\"Description\":\"\"],\"Name\":\"Christmas\"}");
var_export ($stringObject);

And what do you say, it shows me the correctly decoded array. The string is absolutely the same, I even kept the escape characters. Or maybe they are the problem?

Answer Source

Looks like your server has magic_quotes_gpc enabled. Either disable it or run $stringJSON through stripslashes() before using it.

$stringJSON = get_magic_quotes_gpc() ?
    stripslashes($_GET['jsonstring']) : $_GET['jsonstring'];
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