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How do I delete a record by its primary key? using web api 2. getting 404

I'm new to using web api.. I am using some angular code. Adding and listing data works fine, but not deleting it. I tried a lot of stuff from stackoverflow add web configuration, I have my cors set to allow all site since this is just for testing.

Here's my code.. I don't what I'm missing

[HttpDelete] // I also tried HttpPut
public string RemoveProduct(int prodId)
if (prodId != null)
using (ProductContext dataContext = new ProductContext()) // I tried removing this using
// this was the my original code
//var removeProd = new ProductTest { Id = prodId };

// used this as my alternative
dataContext.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("DELETE FROM ProductTest where Id = " + prodId);

return "Product Removed";

return "Invalid";

This is the angular service part

this.DeleteProd = function (prodId) {
var response = $http({
method: "DELETE",
url: "",
params: {
Id: prodId
// data:prodId,
return response;

This is the web config that I tried

<modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true"> <-- added this too.
<add verb="Delete" allowed="true" /> <<-- added this

This is the error I'm getting

DELETE 404 ()

I really don't know why adding data is working with put then I tried put request and using the raw sql..this runs on local server.. 2 separate iis website.


Answer Source

The query parameter should be named exactly as the action's argument.

url: "", 
params: {
    prodId: prodId      // <-- Change this