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Swift Question

xcode swift indexing forever

I'm currently developing an iOS app using swift and XCode 6 (Beta 3).

Everything went fine so far but now as my project grows, xcode suddenly began indexing and it does that again and again, making xcode nearly unusable.

I have searched the web for similar problems and tried the solutions but none of them did help.
Even disabling the indexing process (defaults write com.apple.dt.XCode IDEIndexDisable 1) does not stop XCode to do that.

While indexing, my CPU usage goes up to 300%+, causing the fans to run at highest speed.
In Activity Monitor there are several tasks named "swift" taking up about 1GB memory each.

Any hints or solutions are greatly welcome.

Answer Source

Solved it: I deleted the most recently added files from the project and the problem disappeared. Then I started to add back the files, one by one until the problem reappeared. So I found the file causing the problem. Then I deleted the most recently added code from that file and again, the problem disappeared.

That way, I found a piece of code which was responsible for that behavior.

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