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PHP Question

Loop through condition and append to string in php?

Am writing some content to a file, I store all the content in a variable. Some parts of the file content need to be repeated with some minor changes, those changes are stored in a variable and I need to run a for loop for that change.

See the following code sample,

$looped_valueArray; //this is an array i need to loop the content in $looped_value
//to show all the values
$content = 'sample content '. $looped_value.'

I could not loop write a
appending to a string like

$content = 'sample content '.
foreach($looped_valueArray as $looped_value) $looped_value;.'fdgdf';


Hi follow this scripts if you would like append your content in a variable:

$content ="sample content ";
foreach($looped_valueArray as $looped_value){
$content .=$looped_value;