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Is there a POS tagger being able to parse "When did Nixon die?" correctly?

I am using the Stanford POS tagger to parse questions. It is one of the best POS taggers available in my experience, but a simple question like "When did Nixon die?" is incorrectly annotated as

When_WRB did_VBD Nixon_NNP die_NN

The problem is "die_NN". Obviously "die" is not a noun in this case but a verb. This happens with more questions. My questions are:

  • Is it possible to tweak the Stanford POS tagger to give the correct annotation for this sentence? Or alternatively, let it produce multiple annotations of which one is correct?

  • Are there any other POS taggers with a Java interface that are able to parse such questions correctly?

Answer Source

As stated in the comments, "The Stanford POS tagger currently gets this correct."

Lol... I'll take the bounty if he doesn't want it.

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