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Using IConfiguration in C# Class Library

I am building a class library using C# and Core .NET. I am trying to use configuration from a

file. Here are the contents of that file:



In an attempt to use
for my configuration, I'm referencing
in my
file. In my code, I have the following:


using Microsoft.Framework.ConfigurationModel;
public class MyClass
public string GetEmailAddress()
// return ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["emailAddress"]; This is the approach I had been using since .NET 2.0
return ?; // What goes here?

Since .NET 2.0, I had been using
. However, I'm now trying to learn how to do it the new way via
. My problem is, this is a class library. For that reason, I'm not sure how, or where, or when, the configuration file gets loaded. In traditional .NET, I just needed to name a file web.config for ASP.NET projects and app.config for other projects. Now, I'm not sure. I have both an ASP.NET MVC 6 project and an XUnit project. So, I'm trying to figure out how to use
in both of these scenarios.

Thank you!

Answer Source

Never used it but a quick search lead me to this...

    var configuration = new Configuration();
    var emailAddress = configuration.Get("emailAddress");

Maybe you could try that.

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