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Javascript Question

Plugin Error after Wordpress update

My hosting provider automatically updated to 4.5 and it resulted in an error with the Visual Composer plugin.

Plugin throwing TypeError after Wordpress 4.5 update

Visual composer doesn't load and gives TypeError: _.template(...).trim is not a function

Uncaught TypeError: $template.get is not a function

And replaced the html2element function with the one provided. However, as many people commented on these posts, I get a new error:

composer-view.js?ver=4.6.1:139 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'attributes' of undefined

Here is my function:

html2element: function(html) {
var $template, attributes = {},
template = html;
$template = $(template(this.model.toJSON()).trim()), _.each($template.get(0).attributes, function(attr) {
attributes[] = attr.value
}), this.$el.attr(attributes).html($template.html()), this.setContent(), this.renderContent()

The error seems to be coming from this line:


Has anyone figured out how to fix it ?

Thanks for your help

Answer Source

Had the same problem with 4.5 update and tried everything I found but it was still not working.

Finally, I replaced my theme visual composer plugin (v4.7 something) by a recent one (4.11.2, google

I just replaced the entire directory content, it works fine.

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