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C# Question

Any good implementation of Actors for C#?

Is there any good implementation of actors concurrency model for .net/c#?

I have to optimize a c# routine and i think that actors model fits perfectly as a solution for my problem. Unfortunately i have experience only with scala implementation.

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You should have a look at MS Concurrency & Coordination Runtime (CCR), and the Decentralized Software Services (DSS), part of Robotic Studio.

These frameworks would allow you develop loosely coupled services that fulfill most of the actor-approach requirements.

Axum would be the best fit, unfortunately it's still in some sort of alpha/beta phase (UPDATE it has been killed in Feb. 2011). I use it for my research and must say that the general direction is great and it has enormous potential.

Not C# but C++ is Microsoft's Asynchronous Agents Library which gives you all the features that you need.

Have a good look at Parallel related features of .NET 4.

Hope it helps!

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