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Apache Camel MDC add field from Body

I am working with apache camel and would like to add certain keys to my logs using MDC. I went through the official Camel MDC Logging documentation which is pretty great. I am able to log my routeId's without much effort. I also need to add a field from Camel's Body.

Worst case scenario I can add this manually in all routes, but I was wondering if its possible to add fields from body to MDC in a easier fashion?

Any ideas are appreciated. I would really like to be able to do this without having to go into every route and adding a one liner.


Implemented a custom MDCUnitOfWork and Factory in my project. I am able to see the CustomUnitOfWorkFactory creating my CustomUnitOfWork which is then setting the MDC values.

However I noticed this only happens in the beginning of the route.

In my use case, I am Polling an Amazon SQS as my first route. I do not have the required information here. In the first route I build my Context and set that to Camel body which is where my information that I need to set in MDC resides.

Is it possible to create UnitOfWork before second route as well?

Answer Source

You can configure a custom UnitOfWorkFactory to create a custom UnitOfWork that extends the MDCUnitOfWork, where you can add custom information to MDC.

You can configure the UnitOfWorkFactory on CamelContext from Java or in XML just add a <bean> and Camel detects and uses it

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