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SecurityError: The operation is insecure - window.history.pushState()

I'm getting this error in Firefox's Console:

SecurityError: The operation is insecure
and the guilty is HTML5 feature:
when I try to load something with AJAX. It is supposed to load some data but Javascript stops executing on error.

I'm wondering why this may be happening. Is this some server misconfiguration? Any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE: Yes, it was a server error with domain name not matching:

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Make sure you are following the Same Origin Policy. This means same domain, same subdomain, same protocol (http vs https) and same port.

How does pushState protect against potential content forgeries?

EDIT: As @robertc aptly pointed out in his comment, some browsers actually implement slightly different security policies when the origin is file:///. Not to mention you can encounter problems when testing locally with file:/// when the page expects it is running from a different origin (and so your pushState assumes production origin scenarios, not localhost scenarios)

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