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jQuery Question

Using a json value in jQuery

So I have the following json value:

{"pages": 5}
. Pages represents the number of data I have, I want to do a loop which will create a button for the number of pages that I have (5). At the moment it's not working, I'm not too sure why.

This what I've tried:

$.each(pages, function () {
$('body').append(<input type="button"/>)

When I alert pages it gives:
{"pages": 5}
in an alert box, I'm thinking I need to do a for loop from i to 5 but I don't know how to refer to the value of pages i.e. 5.


jquery's each iterates through the values of an array or the properties of an object, it doesn't iterate a specific number of times given a number.
On top of that I think you need to turn the json into an object first since i'm pretty confident it's still considered a string at this point: alert doesn't show objects that way in dialogs (unlike console.log).
After you parse the object you can use a for loop with the pages property

var pagesObj = JSON.parse(pages);
for( var i = 0; i < pagesObj.pages; i++) {
    $('body').append('<input type="button"/>');