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Javascript comparing boolean value to True

I am trying to compare a database (SQL) value (which is being returned correctly) to the boolean value 'true'. If the database bit value is = true then I want a div element to become visible, else stay hidden.

<script language="javascript">
window.onload= function show_CTL() {
if(<%=_CurrentUser.IsCTL%> == true){
document.getElementById('CTL').style.visibility = "visible";
} else{
document.getElementById('CTL').style.visibility = "hidden";

However I am getting the error, Javascript: 'True' is undefined.

I have tried many combinations of <%=_CurrentUser.IsCTL%> == 'true' or "true" or true or "True" or 'true' and even the === ... but all give me the same error message.

Any insights on how to resolve this issue will be greatly appreciated.

I have such comparisons successfully before with integer values such as:-

window.onload= function show() {
if(<%=_CurrentUser.RoleKey%> == 1 || <%=_CurrentUser.RoleKey%> == 2)
document.getElementById('enr').style.visibility = "visible";
document.getElementById('enr').style.visibility = "hidden";

Answer Source

Do this:

if("<%=_CurrentUser.IsCTL%>" === "True")

<%=_CurrentUser.IsCTL%> is returning True. So wrap it with string and compare them instead. Notice the '===' instead of '=='.

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