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Convert javascript array to object of same keys/values

I have a function that returns an array, as follows:

enter image description here

But I'm trying to populate a SweetAlert2 dialog.

As the documentation exemplifies, the desired input would look like this

inputOptions: {
'SRB': 'Serbia',
'UKR': 'Ukraine',
'HRV': 'Croatia'

How could I convert my array to the needed format, considering that the key will be the same as the value?

So, something like this would be the result:

'aaa123': 'aaa123',
'Açucena': 'Açucena',
'Braúnas': 'Braúnas',

I have tried
, but the output is not what I need:


Answer Source

This can be done with a simple reduce call:

// Demo data
var source = ['someValue1', 'someValue2', 'someValue3', 'other4', 'other5'];

// This is the "conversion" part
var obj = source.reduce(function(o, val) { o[val] = val; return o; }, {});

// Demo output

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