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Javascript Question

Javascript - Variable in function name, possible?

i hope this question is not too simple, but i have no idea :(

How can i start a function with a var in the function name?

For example ...

my functions

function at_26();
function at_21();
function at_99();

start the function

var test_id = 21;
at_'+test_id+'(); // doesn't work

I hope somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

Store your functions in an object instead of making them top level.

var at = {
    at_26: function() { },
    at_21: function() { },
    at_99: function() { }

Then you can access them like any other object:

at['at_' + test_id]();

You could also access them directly from the window object…

window['at_' + test_id]();

… and avoid having to store them in an object, but this means playing in the global scope which should be avoided.

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