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Android Question

Can I overwrite a Unity app with a native android app

I have a application build with Unity and now i'm thinking it would be better as a Native Android app.

The reason I wrote the app using the Unity framework was to be able to easily deploy to IOS as well. My numbers on IOS are really weak so I basically want to focus on Android.

I want to make it a Native app without making a new app like "My app 2" because of the existing user base.

My assumption is that if I have the keystore I can simply upload a new APK to overwrite the old one. Am i wrong? Is this even a possibility ? Are there any concerns with this approach? Is there anyone here who have done this successfully?

Answer Source

If you create an App with the same package name and sign it using the same keys, you can publish it as an update on Google Play if your versionCode is higher than your Unity apps versionCode.

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