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RxSwift: Observe rx_text & rx_offset simultaneously

I've been working on a search controller that is using RxSwift to update DataSource when user types in Search field, like it's described here:

That is my viewmodel:

struct SearchControllerViewModel {

let provider: RxMoyaProvider<ThreadifyEndpoint>
let startsWith: Observable<String>

func startSearching() -> Observable<[SearchedNodeViewModel]> {
return startsWith
.flatMapLatest { query -> Observable<[SearchedNodeViewModel]?> in
return self.findNodes(query)


internal func findNodes(startsWith: String) -> Observable<[SearchedNodeViewModel]?> {
return self.provider
.request(ThreadifyEndpoint.SearchForNodes(startsWith: startsWith))

Now I want new data to be loaded not only when user is typing but either when sh's scrolling down.
I was thinking to use combineLatest to observe both rx_text and rx_offset but I can't pass Observable to combineLatest because of compilation error.


The compilation error you're seeing is due to you not using an actual method. The method signature you're intending to use is:

public class func combineLatest<O1 : ObservableType, O2 : ObservableType>(source1: O1, _ source2: O2, resultSelector: (O1.E, O2.E) throws -> Element) -> RxSwift.Observable<Element>

Notice that there's a third argument that you're forgetting: resultSelector. That's supposed to be a block that describes how you want to combine the latest elements into a new element.

Based on your error message, I'm thinking you're using it like this:

let combined = Observable.combineLatest(stringObservable, pointObservable)

Whereas, you should be using it like this:

let combined = Observable.combineLatest(stringObservable, pointObservable) { (s, p) in
    return "\(s), \(p)" // or construct your new element however you'd like

Without the block, RxSwift doesn't know how you'd like to combine them. You might have been thinking it would just default to making a new tuple of (String, CGPoint) as the element, but it makes no such assumptions and requires you to tell it.