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Issues with delimiter ("\t | \n") Java

I am having issues using my delimiter in my scanner. I am currently using a scanner to read a text file and put tokens into a string. My tutor told me to use the delimiter (useDelimiter("\t|\n")). However each token that it is grabbing is ending in /r (due to a return in the text file). This is fine for printing purposes, however i need to get the string length. And instead of returning the number of actual characters, it is returning the number of characters including that /r. Is there a better delimiter I can use that will accomplish the same thing (without grabbing the /r)? code is as follows:

while (studentData.hasNext())
token = studentData.next();
int tokenLength = token.length();

I am well aware that I could simply remove the last character of the string token. However, for many reasons, I just want it to grab the token without the /r. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

Try this:


The \R pattern matches any linebreak, see documentation.

I guess the remaining \r char is a partially consumed linebreak in Windows environment. With the aforementioned delimiter, the scanner will properly consume the line.

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