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Java String index out of bounds with text file input

I am trying to split a

input into two using the following code:

public TypeValue(String line) {
while (line.charAt(i) != ' ') {
type = line.substring(0,i);
value = line.substring(i);

my input is a textfile that looks like this:

10 16
10 32
10 9024720
F 10
F 1
F 111111
F 100000
F 10110110100111001

However, I always get a
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 13
. This only happens when I try to read the input from a text file. When I use the terminal to input the lines one by one it works just fine.

I have been looking for a couple hours but I cannot figure out what is causing this. It is also always "
", even when I delete all but the first line from the text file. Can anybody help me with this?

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You should simply use line.split(" ") which will return an array of String, then get either the first or the second value using respectively the index 0 and 1 of the resulting array as next:

String[] values = line.split(" ");
type = values[0];
value = values[1];

Another way could be to use line.indexOf(' ') to get the index of the space character in your String.

int index = line.indexOf(' ');
// From 0 to the index where we found the space
type = line.substring(0, index);
// Starts from index + 1 to skip the space
value = line.substring(index + 1);