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Node.js Question

Does npm install exclude dev dependencies?

When I am in a Node.js project and run

npm install
, npm installs both, dependencies and dev dependencies. If I do not want to install the dev dependencies, I can run
npm install --production

Question 1: If I do not provide
: Are the dependencies' dev dependencies installed, too, or only their actual dependencies?

Now, what if I am in a Node.js project and install a new dependency, something such as:

npm install foo

This installs
's dependencies, of course.

Question 2: But what about its dev dependencies? Are they installed, too, or are they skipped?

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When you run npm install by default both dependencies and devDependency dependencies are also installed. Because if once is going to develop a package, we would download it e.g. from git and go to root folder and run.

npm install 

so you would expect to have devDependencies to.

npm install "$package"

doesn't install the devDependencies by default. But if you really want to install development packages in that case, you can set the dev config option to true:

npm install "$package" --dev
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