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Pandas Python - get value counts by grouped values

I have a situation where multiple customer ids can be belong to the same account, and all records are grouped in to one of two groups:

123 555 A
123 556 A
124 557 B
124 558 B
125 559 A

What I want to do is get the count of unique CUSTOMER_ACCOUNT_IDs belonging to each group. That is, I don't care how many customer_ids belong to an account, I just want to see how many accounts is in each group. I'm looking for this output

A 2
B 1

That is, number of unique accounts by group. One way of thinking of it is that I want to collapse or remove the CUSTOMER_ID dimension, so I'm left with

123 A
124 B
125 A

and then do a value count of GROUP, but I'm unsure of how to approach this. I did find an ugly way to do this, but I'm new to pandas from using R so I'm guessing there's a more straightforward way that I don't know yet...

Answer Source

You can use the nunique() method after the grouping:


# 0   A                   2
# 1   B                   1
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