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Formatting month names as alphabets

I am trying to create an associative array that will parse an alphabet for each month name. e.g JAN - A, FEB - B, MAR - C... I need some help for this. I have done a lot of searching but not able to. Can anyone help please?
Thanks in advance.

$my_month = date('m');
$months = array("JAN"=>"A",
"DEC"=>"L" );

if ($my_month == date('M')) {
echo $months[$my_month];
} else {
echo 'almost there';


Answer Source

The code you need to create an array as you want is this:

$months['1'] = 'A';
$months['2'] = 'B';
$months['3'] = 'C';
$months['4'] = 'D';
$months['5'] = 'E';
$months['6'] = 'F';
$months['7'] = 'G';
$months['8'] = 'H';
$months['9'] = 'I';
$months['10'] = 'J';
$months['11'] = 'K';
$months['12'] = 'L';

Or even better:

$months = array("1"=>"A",
                "12"=>"L" );

And let's say the $my_month variable has the month (in the form 'JAN', 'FEB', ...) from which you want to get the corresponding letter. This is what you write to get the letter:

echo $months[$my_month];
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