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Where to place a custom PHP class in CakePHP 3?

I have a new PHP class which I would like to call from a Controller. Where, in the CakePHP folder structure, should I place this new class and what is the procedure to invoke or make use of it from a controller? Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

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From my point of view, you can reuse any own class and also any third parties class as a utility class. If so, then you can place the class into src/Utility folder. Please use the proper namespace. After that, you can use that class anywhere in CakPHP 3.x.


Say, you have a class named Jorge, save it into src/Utility folder using file name Jorge.php. Put namespace App\Utility; statement top of your Jorge.php file.


In which file you want to use this class, just put use App\Utility\Jorge;. After that, you can call the class into that file.


If you have a third party package of many classes, then you can follow

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