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how to select the highest rating item if the Ids are the same (distinct)?

I have two lists which contains the Id, Type and Rating.
I union those two lists and distinct them by Id using moreLinq. However, I am getting the rating which is added to the list later. I would like to be able to distinct them with Id and get the item which have the most rating.

item1.Union(item2).DistinctBy(e => e.Id);
where item1 is a baseItem of

It is always giving me the ratings of item2 if their Ids are the same.

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You can group, order, and take the first item (and you don't need MoreLinq for this anymore):

var result = item1.Union(item2)
                  .GroupBy(e =>
                  .Select(g => 
                      g.OrderByDescending(e => e.Rating).First()