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MySQL Question

Can I do a mysql Select, Update and Delete in one query?

Can I say that one of many ways to optimize mysql is to reduce the number of queries?

If that so, can I do this:

- Select "data" => $A from table X
- Update $A from table Y
- Delete $A from table X

in one query?

Answer Source

You can't reduce the number of queries - they all do different things - but you could reduce the number of round trips to the database and the number of parses by wrapping it all as a PLSQL function.

However you can't select the data after you've deleted it.....but consider:


UPDATE tab_x SET tab_x.avalue=1 WHERE tab_x.another=a;

DELETE FROM tab_y WHERE tab_y.avalue=a;

FROM tab_x
WHERE tab_x.another=a;


NB - you can also run multiple selects in the same procedure and handle multiple, different shaped result sets, e.g. see this page

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