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How to split a string log file which starts by date in square brackets

I want to split a log string into separate logs into an array, the string looks like this:

'[2016-12-01 11:24:28.622] [INFO] Scraper - Processing year 2016 [2016-12-01 11:24:28.622] [INFO] Scraper - Successfully proccessed ....'

I tried using
function, but managed only to split by
Is there a regexp to use to split by date in square brackets ?
I'm new to regexp, would much appreciate any suggestions, thanks.
The desired outcome looks like this

['[2016-12-01 11:24:28.622] [INFO] Scraper - Processing year 2016', '[2016-12-01 11:24:28.622] [INFO] Scraper - Successfully proccessed ....']

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This splits your string at every [<number> (\[\d) without consuming those themselves - look-ahead ((?=...))

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