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Ionic Build iOS and Xcode Build not deploying most Recent Ionic 2 Beta 10 build

Ionic 2 beta 10 app, this worked fine in Beta 9.


git pull
in terminal then run
ionic build ios

2) Go to xcode and open the project connect my iphone to the computer and press run/build onto iphone

3) Shows up on iphone but it doesn't appear to be my most recent build and I have no idea why

My git version is the most recent. When I build in xcode should be the most recent, but seems to be older, major new elements and features are not there.

In ionic app -> platforms -> ios -> app.xcodeproj it has the time and date of two days ago although I just ionic build ios and run/built in Xcode.

Same in platforms -> build -> devices, it seems to not have the time and date of my most recent build of a few minutes ago.

Shouldn't the app.xcodeproj and the build in devices show the day/time of the latest build?

Been stuck on this for a awhile so any advice would be really helpful.

Answer Source

I figured it out:

Apparently, although ionic@beta is installed globally already, everytime I git pull I need to npm install -g ionic@beta for it to build the most recent build for iOS, otherwise will say build success but show me the older version.

It doesn't make sense to me since it was already installed globally. I also hope it won't mess things up in my app constantly installing it over and over before builds? But, it works.

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