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MethodNotAllowedHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 219

When I storing a post I get this error

MethodNotAllowedHttpException in RouteCollection.php line 219:

What can cause this problem ??


Route::get('home', 'PostsController@index');
Route::get('/', 'PostsController@index');
Route::get('index', 'PostsController@index');

Route::get('posts', 'PostsController@index');
Route::get('post/{slug}/{id}', 'PostsController@show');
Route::get('posts/sukurti-nauja-straipsni', 'PostsController@create');
Route::patch('posts/store-new-post', 'PostsController@store');
Route::get('post/{slug}/{id}/edit', 'PostsController@edit');
Route::patch('posts/{slug}', 'PostsController@update');

Route::get('tags/{tags}', 'TagsController@show');
Route::get('categories/{categories}', 'CategoriesController@show');

// Authentication routes...
Route::get('auth/login', 'Auth\AuthController@getLogin');
Route::post('auth/login', 'Auth\AuthController@postLogin');
Route::get('auth/logout', 'Auth\AuthController@getLogout');

// Registration routes...
Route::get('auth/register', 'Auth\AuthController@getRegister');
Route::post('auth/register', 'Auth\AuthController@postRegister');

I'm using Laravel 5.1 and I can't figure this out for a day..

Answer Source

Since you're setting the method on the post's update to be patch, be sure you open your form to use that method:

{!! Form::open(['method' => 'patch']) !!}

If you're not using the Form class, you can also just ensure there's a hidden element called _method underneath the form:

<input name="_method" type="hidden" value="PATCH">

Similarly, if you're sending this data via AJAX, just add a _method key to the payload set to 'PATCH' before sending the request via POST. Some browsers (IE 7/8) do not support PATCH HTTP through XMLHttpRequest

Your other option is to change your route to accept POST data instead:

Route::post('posts/store-new-post', 'PostsController@store');
Route::post('posts/{slug}', 'PostsController@update');
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