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How to use Twilio Client in Angular 2?

I am creating an app in which i require to implement Click To Call facility. So for communication I am using Twilio Client. I have tried this example.

Now all i need it i need to implement the same in my Angular 2 application. How can i import Twilio Client in my Typescript and how can i make use of it?

I am trying to import Twilio in my component like

import * as Twilio from 'twilio'

but this is not correct method to import it.

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Twilio Developer Evangelist here. Right now we don't have any TypeScript bindings and therefore bundling like that won't work. I'm working on some bindings but in the mean time I would suggest you include the library like it's done in the demo application using a script tag. You can use our Twilio CDN for it:

  <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Afterwards you have to let TypeScript know about it. For this you currently have to use declare const. Unfortunately this won't give you any of the neatness of TypeScript's type-checking until the bindings are done but it at least let's you use it. Just add the following line in the file where you are planning to consume the Twilio code:

declare const Twilio: any;

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Dominik

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