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AngularJS, filter only if a variable is true

I have an ng-repeat with many filters.

(1) From an input field:

<input type="text" ng-model="search">

(2) Another one from a list of buttons:

<ul id="element_filter" class="uk-subnav uk-subnav-pill uk-margin-remove">
<li ng-class="statusFilter == '' ? 'uk-active' : ''"><a ng-click="statusFilter = ''">Tutti</a></li>
<li ng-class="statusFilter == '1' ? 'uk-active' : ''"><a ng-click="statusFilter = '1'">Nuovo</a></li>

Connected to a custom filter named

(3) Than I have a checkbox:

<div class="uk-width-medium-1-6">
<input type="checkbox" name="checkbox_demo_inline" id="checkbox_mostra_zone" ng-model="openFiltraZone" data-md-icheck />
<label for="checkbox_mostra_zone" class="inline-label">Filtra Zone</label>

This is also connected to a custom filter

I then have an ng-repeat where the filter
should be active only if the checkbox
is checked.

I don't know what to put on the repeater expression in order to apply the filter only if
is checked

<tr ng-repeat="cliente in clienti | filter:search | filtraStato:statusFilter | filtraZona:zonaFilter">

Answer Source

I think that the only way is to write custom filter function for that, like this:

In controller/directive:

var _filter = $filter('filtraZona');
$scope.filterFnc = function(elem) {
  if(!$scope.openFiltraZone) return true; //leave on list when openFiltraZone is not checked
  return _filter([elem], $scope.zonaFilter).length > 0; //this will get filtraZona filter and apply it to one element array (created with [elem] expression) with $scope.zonaFilter parameter. Whole expression will return true only if filtraZona will not filter out elem.

In view:

<tr ng-repeat="cliente in clienti | filter:search | filtraStato:statusFilter | filter:filterFnc">

I believe that this is the only way if you do not want to change filtraZona filter. Please notice, that this is not the most cpu-efficient way.

If you can change filtraZona implementation, you can add simple pre-check to it's code:

angular.filter('filtraZona', function() {
  return function(arr, param1, checkboxChecked) {
    var arr2 = [];
    angular.forEach(arr, function(elem) {
      if(!checkboxChecked) arr2.push(elem);
      //rest of filtraZona logic goes here
    return arr2;

And use it this way (notice second parameter to filtraZona):

<tr ng-repeat="cliente in clienti | filter:search | filtraStato:statusFilter | filtraZona:zonaFilter:openFiltraZone">
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