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CSS Question

Javascript to have a fixed navbar is not working is the website and it's being developed with wordpress.

That navigarion bar is part of the

that also encompass my logo section up top so I'm not sure if that causing issues.

This is the entire html the encompasses the navigation bar that I want to stick to the top when I scroll past it.

<div id="navmenu" class="mkd-menu-area">
<div class="mkd-grid">
<div class="mkd-vertical-align-containers">
<div class="mkd-position-left">
<div class="mkd-position-left-inner">
<?php if(is_active_sidebar('mkd-left-from-main-menu')) : ?>
<?php dynamic_sidebar('mkd-left-from-main-menu'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php discussion_get_main_menu(); ?>
<div class="mkd-position-right">
<div class="mkd-position-right-inner">
<?php if(is_active_sidebar('mkd-right-from-main-menu')) : ?>
<?php dynamic_sidebar('mkd-right-from-main-menu'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

This is the javascript I'm using to target the navigation bar (thanks to akinuri for the script)

window.onscroll = changePos;

function changePos() {
var header = document.getElementById("navmenu");
if (window.pageYOffset > 182) { = "absolute"; = pageYOffset + "px";
} else { = ""; = "";

Answer Source

@Jacob is partially correct, you don't need (as much) JavaScript here. Here's how you can resolve the issue. Replace the current functionality with this:

window.onscroll = stickyNav;

function stickyNav() {
   var header = document.getElementById("navmenu");
   if (window.pageYOffset > 70) {
   } else {

Then, create a new class called .sticky with the following styling adjustments:

.sticky {
  position: fixed;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  width: 100%;

Edit: update stickNav to stickyNav.

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