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Truncate a table in Laravel 5

Description : I have a table full of tested data. Sometimes, I want to clear it out for new data. I can perform the truncate in the DBMS App like MySQL WorkBench, but I'm trying to achieve it within my application instead.

Goal : to make a button to truncate a table in a database when on click.

Here are my steps :

1 - Declare a route

Route::delete('visitor/truncate',array('as'=>'visitor.truncate', 'uses'=>'VisitorController@truncate'));

2 - Create a
function in my

public function truncate()

$visitors = Visitor::all();
$visitors ->truncate();

return View::make('visitors.index')
->with('success', 'Truncate Done');

3 - Create a button on my view

{!! Form::model($visitors, array( 'route' => array('visitor.truncate'),'method' => 'DELETE')) !!}
<button type="submit" class="btn bgm-red btn-float waves-effect waves-effect waves-button waves-float"><i class="md md-remove"></i></button>
{!! Form::close()!!}

4 - Test

When I click on it, it get into my
function in my controller, but I keep getting this error

Call to undefined method Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Collection::truncate()

Do I need include anything to use

Any hints on that will be much appreciated !

Answer Source

The truncate method is part of the Query Builder. However Visitor::all() returns a Collection instance. You need to build the query using the following:

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