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Laravel - Return array index from file

I am using laravel 5. I have a file structure like the below:


In my ItemsFile.php, I return an array like so:


return array(
'item1' => 'Toys',
'item2' => 'Shoes',
'item3' => 'Clothes',
'item4' => 'Cars',

I want to return an index from the ItemFile.php in my ExampleController.php file like this:

$selected = Lang::get('Items.item1');

But I get errors such as: Class 'App\Lang' not found

What do I need to do to include this functionality? I think it has something to do with namespaces but I am not sure what.

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If you are trying to use Localisation I see a couple of weird things:

  1. In laravel 5 the language files should be in resources. Like resources/lang/en/item.php.

  2. You seem to be missing a language folder. Like /en/ in my example above.

  3. You don't have to import a class to translate something, you could just use: trans('item.item1');

So if you set it up like this it should work:


return array(
    'item1' => 'Toys',
    'item2' => 'Shoes',
    'item3' => 'Clothes',
    'item4' => 'Cars',


$selected = trans('items.item1');


The language folder used is the locale specified in config/app.php.