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C# Question

Connecting to SQL Server Database using a Hosted Web Application

I have created a .net web application using c# that inserts,updates, and deletes data from an sql server database. I have tested it using my localhost and it works fine. Now I would like to publish this application on a hosted site.

My question is, does the database need to be on the same server/host that the application is in for it to connect? Does anyone have any tips on how to implement this? Thanks in advanced!

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If your Question is 'How to connect database present on another server', then you have to Add IP address of it in the Web.config file as:

    <add name="myConnectionString" connectionString="data source=myserver\SQLEXPRESS;initial catalog=myDatabase;uid=myUserName;password=myPassword;" />

data source can be IP ADDRESS or PC NAME, where Database is stored.

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