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RocksDB: static library size that's built from source is really large

When I build RocksDB using

make static_lib
that produces a 200MB+
file, but when I install the same version through a package manager (compared to both Brew and apt), the
file is only about 11MB. What am I missing?

Size of the library when building from source using
make static_lib

ubuntu@local:~/rocksdb-4.1$ du -sh librocksdb.a
238M librocksdb.a

Size of the library installed using
sudo apt-get install librocksdb-dev
on Xenial:

ubuntu@local:~/rocksdb-4.1$ du -sh /usr/lib/librocksdb.a
11M /usr/lib/librocksdb.a

Why is there such a big difference?

Answer Source

Probably the smaller achive is stripped of debug information.

You can use the strip command to remove symbols.

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