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Saving to a folder in the users "My documents"

When I create the installer for my application I am going to be creating a folder in their "My Documents", this folder is going to be used to save files from my application into.

I would like to have my application automatically pull up this directory when the save file & open file dialogs open. Now my question is, what is the string I need to use to get to a folder in their "My documents"?

I know to get their my documents directory it goes something like this:

Dim dir as String
dir = System.Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.MyDocuments)

But how about a folder in their my documents? Such as My Documents/Coolest Application Ever Files. This project is in

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Have a look at Path.Combine.

dir = Path.Combine(dir, "Coolest Application Ever Files")

Just ensure it exists before your try to write to a file there.

If Not Directory.Exists(dir) Then
End If
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