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Python Question

'run-python' failing on Emacs 24.3.1 for Windows, custom vendor-supplied Python2.6

I'm doing some work with a custom version of Python 2.6 on Windows, and would love to use emacs for this purpose. On more unixy platforms, I've never had any issue with the basic python-mode stuff, but now I'm encountering a problem when I try to use the M-x


My custom Python is on the path (i.e. can type
from a windows command prompt and get the appropriate version). Unfortunately, I simply get the following error in my *Messages* buffer when attempting to start it with
from emacs:

apply: Spawning child process: invalid argument

Is anyone running a similar python config that can shed light on this? Happy to post any other config details as needed.

Answer Source

You could try C-u M-x run-python, which gives you the option of selecting the path of the python binary you want to run.

Alternatively, if you would like to start it using Elisp, that can be achieved by calling (run-python "/usr/bin/python3") for python3, for example.

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